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    初中作文 分类

    Animals are good friends of human beings. I believe everyone will loveanimals, protect animals and protect nature.下面给年夜家带来的是关于动物先容的英文阐明文5篇,便捷年夜家进修。 动物的英文阐明文1Dolphin is my favourite animal.It is one of the most precious animals. Their bodies are very long, aboutone zhang. Dolphins live in the sea. They live on fish, shrimps and so on.  Dolphins are very friendly and peaceful. They never attack people. Instead,they have saved many people in danger in the past years. How helpful thedolphins are!   Dolphins are very clever. People often train them so that theycan give a dolphin show which brings people a lot of happiness and joy.  Unluckily, the number of dolphins is getting smaller and smaller. Because ofwater pollution, there is less and less space for dolphins. Many people makemoney by hunting dolphins. If we don’t protect them, maybe we’ll lose our goodfriends one day. As a student, I hope more and more people should take actionsto protect dolphins.翻译:海豚是我最喜好的动物。 它是最宝贵的动物之一。 它们的身材很长,年夜约有一丈长。 海豚糊口在海里。 他们靠吃鱼、虾等为生。 海豚很是友爱和宁静。 他们从不打击人。 相反,它们在曩昔几年里救济了很多处于伤害中的人。 海豚是何等乐于助人啊!海豚很是伶俐。 人们常常练习他们,以便他们可以给一个海豚演出,这给人们带来良多幸福和欢愉。 不幸的是,海豚的数目越来越少。 因为水污染,海豚的保存空间越来越小。 很多人靠捕猎海豚盈利。 假如我们不庇护他们,大概有一天我们会掉往我们的好伴侣。 作为一论理学生,我但愿越来越多的人应该采纳步履来庇护海豚。 动物的英文阐明文2My favorite animals are swans.they are white.they can swim very well.Ithink they look like a beautiful girl in a white dress.they have a pair of wingsand they can also fly well.I believe they are angles from the sky.they bring uslove and make us happy.they are always friendly to us.We can't hurt them,becausethey are our friend.I love them!I like dogs,too.they are not beautiful,but theyare the best friends.they keep the thieves away.Dogs have the best listening andeyes.they can hear in the nosiy,see in the dark.If we are in danger,they willhelp us at once.And they don't mind their lives.So,I love them.翻译:我最喜好的动物是天鹅。 他们是白色的。 他们泅水游得很好。 我感觉他们瞅起来像一个穿戴白色连衣裙的标致女孩。 它们有一对党羽,它们也能飞得很好。 我信赖他们是来自天空的天使。 他们带给我们爱,让我们欢愉。 他们老是对我们很友爱。 我们不克不及危险他们,由于他们是我们的伴侣。 我爱他们!我也喜好狗。 他们不标致,但他们是最好的伴侣。 他们赶走了小偷。 狗有最好的听力和眼睛。 他们能在闹热热烈繁华入耳见,在暗中中瞅见。 假如我们碰到伤害,他们会立即帮忙我们。 他们不在乎本身的糊口。 以是,我爱他们。 动物的英文阐明文3Panda is one of the scarcest animals. People in the world like it verymuch. there used to be many pandas in China long ago. As the balance of naturewas destroyed and the weather was getting warmer and warmer, pandas became less.But at present, the number of pandas is increasing year by year. there are nowso many pandas that some are being sent to other countries so that people therecan enjoy them. Nowadays, the biggest nature park for panda in China is inSichuan. there is a research centre for nature and wild life there. Scientistshope that one day they will have enough pandas to be set free and let them livein the wild again.翻译:熊猫是最罕见的动物之一。 天下上的人都很是喜好它。 好久曩昔中华有良多熊猫。 因为年夜天然的均衡被粉碎高中作文,气候变得越来越热和,熊猫变得越来越少。 但今朝,年夜熊猫的数目正在逐年增添。 此刻有这么多的熊猫,一些正在被送去其他国度,以便那边的人们可以享受他们。 现在,中华最年夜的熊猫天然公园在四川。 那边有一个天然和野活泼物研究中间。 科学家们但愿有一天他们会有充足多的熊猫被开释,让它们从头糊口在田野。 动物的英文阐明文4Elephant is the largest animal on land today. It weights some ninetykilograms and is about one metre high when born. When it is 12 years old, itstuds over three meters and does not grow any more. Elephant is usually grey incolor, having a long trunk with large ivory tusks protruding from each side ofits mouth. Usually moving in groups and caring for each other, Elephant is knowto be a very and gentle creamre. For many years people have used the strength ofthese poweful animals to move trees and heavy logs. Elephant has been and is avital tool for people to do many things that would normally be imposs-ible.Elephant is and will continue to be one of the greatest creatures man has evercome into contact with. Its size. beauty, and power willforever be useful toman.翻译:年夜象是陆地上最年夜的动物。 它重约90公斤,出生时年夜约一米高。 当它12岁的时辰,它钉了3米多,不再长了。 年夜象凡是是灰色的作文我的初中生活,有长长的鼻子,庞大的象牙从嘴的两侧伸出。 年夜象凡是三五成群地走动,相互赐顾帮衬,众所周知,年夜象是一种很是暖和的动物。 多年来,人们操纵这些动物的气力来移动树木和繁重的原木。 年夜象不停是人们做很多工作的紧张东西作文我的初中生活,凡是是不成能的。 年夜象是并且将继承是人类打仗过的最巨大的动物之一。 它的年夜小。 斑斓和气力将永久对人类有效。 动物的英文阐明文5The animal is human friend, we should cherish it, let what they have apeace live environment. If the animal has a red-letter day, I am about to helpthem comb hair, let them eat on the most delicious dish, etc, perhaps be inbefore long in the future, small tiger is us to look after the house, lovelysmall sea lion accompanies us to swim, small monkey becomes a conduct asightseeing tour, the place that takes us to see them live before - beautifulfruit hill. Let us riding a camel to worldly the biggest desert goes playing.The animal has a lot of red-letter days on section world, wait like division ofthe Children's Festival, mother's day, dragon boat festival, forest, why can youdo not have animal section? Puppy people very lovely also! They and mankind aresame, live on this earth jointly, bring how many joy to the mankind! You look,the doggie can help host look after the house, the kitten can eat off rascalmice completely, ox can farmland, the hen can lay etc, and some people contestis caught in our mankind kill those puppy, do the distress that is our mankindso? I want to appeal aloud here: The animal is human friend, we should cherishit, let what they have a peace live environment. If the animal has a red-letterday, I am about to help them comb hair, let them eat on the most delicious dish,etc, perhaps be in before long in the future, small tiger is us to look afterthe house, lovely small sea lion accompanies us to swim, small monkey becomes aconduct a sightseeing tour, the place that takes us to see them live before -beautiful fruit hill. Let us riding a camel to worldly the biggest desert goesplaying. If arrived animal section, I should do an animal clique to be opposite,that day, animal people want to eat what to eat, let them eat fully full, callthem to live of 5 stars class " animal guesthouse " . Anyhow, arrived animalsection that day, everybody should take a kind of animal to come home, take themto ramble bazaar, buy a toy to wait. For the life better, everybody hastens theaction rises, let an animal people spend a happy red-letter day at an earlydate!翻译:动物是人类的伴侣,我们应该爱护保重它,让他们有一个宁静的糊口情况。 假如动物有一个节日,我要帮忙他们梳理头发,让他们吃最甘旨的菜,等等,大概在不久的未来,小山君我们照瞅屋子,可爱的小海狮陪伴我们泅水,小山公成为入行不雅光旅游,带我们往瞅他们糊口的处所——斑斓的生果。 让我们骑着骆驼到凡间最年夜的戈壁往玩吧。 动物节天下上有良多节日,如儿童节、母亲节、端午节、丛林节等,为什么会没有动物节呢?小狗人也很可爱!他们和人类一样,配合糊口在这个地球上,给人类带来几多高兴!你瞅作文我的初中生活,小狗可以帮主人瞅家,小猫完全可以把地痞老鼠吃失,牛可以耕地,母鸡可以下蛋等等,而有些人竞在我们人类中捉到那些小狗,如许做是我们人类的忧?吗?我想在这里年夜声号令:动物是人类的伴侣,我们应该爱护保重它,让他们有一个宁静的糊口情况。 假如动物有一个节日,我要帮忙他们梳理头发,让他们吃最甘旨的菜,等等,大概在不久的未来,小山君我们照瞅屋子,可爱的小海狮陪伴我们泅水,小山公成为入行不雅光旅游,带我们往瞅他们糊口的处所——斑斓的生果。 让我们骑着骆驼到凡间最年夜的戈壁往玩吧。 如果到了动物区,我要做一个动物派对,那天,动物们想吃什么就吃什么,让他们吃得饱饱的,鸣他们住五星级的动物宾馆”。 总之,到了动物节的那一天,年夜家要带一种动物归家,带它们逛阛阓,买玩具等等。 为了糊口的更好,年夜家从速步履起来,让动物们早日渡过一个欢愉的节日!动物的英文阐明文5
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